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Finally the advisors you’ve been looking for.  If you want a dedicated team of risk and legal specialists to provide real guidance in today’s ever evolving regulatory and litigious world, then you’ve come to the right place.  Whether you’re an individual or full-fledged multi-national corporation, we are the critical asset you’ve been missing.

We are genuine professionals who pride ourselves on the value we provide our clients.  Yes price is important, but what’s more important is having a trusted advisor you can rely on.  Our offerings of competitive programs matched with industry expertise and valuable resources is what drives our success.

Founded in 1957, Robert T. Kirkwood Sr. started the company by providing risk assessment services to businesses in and around New York City.  He spent most days on the road growing the Kirkwood brand.  Setting the foundation for Kirkwood’s excellence in the transportation industry, he focused primarily on moving and storage, trucking and logistics.

Eventually his two son’s Bob and Ron Kirkwood would join the business and expand Kirkwood’s core specialty business into industries including construction, rigging, and manufacturing.  These highly complex and demanding industries require an intricate knowledge of not only insurance, but the legal and regulatory environment as well.  By maintaining a highly trained and seasoned staff, many with over 30 years of experience themselves, Kirkwood continues to grow and expand across the country and across industries.

Today Kirkwood is synonymous with excellent service and expertise.  Bob and Ron continue to run the company with the driving focus of truly going above and beyond for our clients.

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