Brewery Coverage

The number of brewers has grown tremendously in the past few decades.  With this growth, insurance companies have developed programs specifically to insure the risks of breweries large and small.  We have specialized programs to insure all types of business in the brewing industry, including: commercial brewers, craft brewers, microbreweries and brew pubs.

In addition to the usual business insurance coverages, there are a few insurance policies that a brewer should consider:

Boiler and Machinery Insurance will provide coverage in the event of a loss to equipment.  Not only can the costs of repairs and replacement add up quickly, but the loss of income during the downtime is costly as well.  This type of policy would keep you covered and your business going.

Supply Chain Insurance – You rely on your suppliers to get you what you need, when you need it.  But what if one of their warehouses catches fire and they are out of product for weeks? Supply chain insurance will cover your losses in the event a supplier is unable to provide you with the products you need.

Liquor Liability is excluded on most general liability policies.  So if you have a bar or even just give out tastings, a liquor liability policy is crucial to protecting your brewery.

Spoilage and Product Recall – Initial production costs as well as lost revenue can be covered in the event a batch of beer is spoiled before distribution.  Is the spoiled batch isn’t caught in time, product recall coverage will take care of the cost of removing the beer from store shelves and replacing it.

The world of breweries is expanding.  There are more brewers in the US now than ever before.  Talk to an expert today on getting the right insurance for your brewery.