Brewery Insurance

Brewery owners love what they do.  Beer Masters understand the knowledge and expertise that go into crafting a great beer.  At Kirkwood we handle your insurance, safety and OSHA compliance so you can focus on what’s important.

We all know the basics – Breweries produce beer and beer products from grain that has been ground or milled, cooked, filtered, fermented and aged.  But every brewery has its own unique risks depending on operations and location we “craft” the perfect insurance program for you.

Property Insurance

Breweries contain a lot of expensive equipment and machinery. Many raw materials, such as grain, are highly combustible. We want to make sure your property is adequately insured. Business income exposure is also important to review. If your brewery is destroyed, does your current limit provide enough income to keep you in business? Are expenses paid to rent out a temporary facility?

Equipment breakdown Insurance

Breweries are highly dependent on their equipment, a shutdown could be devastating for a brewery. Many policies don’t provide coverage for boiler machinery and equipment breakdown. This coverage would help with repair and replacement costs resulting from production interruption and downtime.

Products Liability Insurance

Effective company operating and processing procedures can go a long way to ensuring solid product. However, contamination, spoilage and foreign objects getting in containers are always a possibility. A comprehensive brewer insurance program can cover the costs associated with a product recall.

Other basic coverages

Building, Business Personal Property, Business Income, Equipment Breakdown, employee Dishonesty, Accounts Receivables, Computers, Goods in Transit, Valuable Papers and Records, General Liability, Employee Benefits, Environmental Impairment, Umbrella, Business Auto Liability and Physical Damage, Hired and Nonownership Auto, Workers Compensation.