Dance Schools

Love to dance? Want to make your passion your profession? We’re here to help you with all you coverage needs so you can focus on what’s important. Properly insuring your dream can be a daunting task, it can turn your dream into a nightmare.


At Kirkwood Insurance we have access to several different insurance companies, so you know you’re getting the best coverage and price. Plus our knowledgeable staff will ensure you have all the coverage you need.


What potential risks do you need to consider coverage for? As a dance studio, training facility, or school, you could be held liable if someone were to get hurt on your premises or as a result of your instruction. It’s important to know that not all lawsuits or claims are covered under a general liability policy.


We see lawsuits all the time coming in from claimants who have fallen, injured themselves or had some other accident. Even if your client was attempting something they shouldn’t have, they can still bring a suit against you.


Professional liability is another often overlooked exposure, and our policies can provide it at no additional cost. For example, during one unfortunate incident a dance studio owner was instructing a ballet class and one student injured their leg while training with a barre. The student’s parents sued and because the instructor was providing services at the time, this was not covered under their general liability policy. The dance studio owner was forced to pay out of pocket to settle the case.


We’ll make sure you have the right coverage to avoid such an incident so you can focus on your passion, which certainly isn’t insurance.

Entities we cover include dance studios, dance schools, ballet facilities amongst many others.