Fitness Centers and Personal Trainers

Our fitness package provides comprehensive insurance coverage for your business.  Whether you’re a three story fitness gym or an in home personal trainer, we have the insurance to protect you.

Let us handle all your insurance needs so you can focus on growing your business.  Our policies go behind insurance including access to Human Resource services, employee handbooks, and much more.

Property Insurance – Work out equipment is expensive, make sure you have adequate limits should you have a loss

General Liability – Whether it’s getting injured from falling weights or slipping on a wet floor, you need liability insurance to protect your gym and yourself.  Remember, waivers are not ironclad especially in front of a jury and even frivolous lawsuits can be expensive to defend.

Professional Liability – General liability excludes claims arising directly out of the services you provide.  So when a customer injures his back while lifting with the technique he was given by a personal trainer, that trainer could be on the hook for a huge claim.  Professional liability will protect you in this situation.

Molestation and Abuse – As a business owner you are responsible for your employees’ behavior.  A gym member claiming harassment or inappropriate behavior from one of your trainers could be very costly.  Our policies will have you covered.


Our services cover: Gyms, Fitness Centers, Personal Trainers, Certification trainers, Yoga instructors, Pilates teachers, weight trainers, marathon coaches, dance studios, aerobic classes, and much more