Real Estate

Every community has its own set of unique risks and exposures. Condominium associations need coverage for their common grounds along with executive and officer coverage. Apartment owners need coverage for the risks inherent with renting out their property. In these large real estate ventures, it’s difficult to have total control over every part of the property. Our specialists can help you decide what insurance you need and which you don’t to put your mind at ease with regards to activities on these differing properties while not breaking the bank account.

All things considered, you need to know your insurance needs are in the hands of people you can trust. Kirkwood Insurance covers real estate all over the country, providing expert knowledge to help you prevent loses and world class customer service to help you when you need it.

Our Real Estate programs provide the absolute best coverage at the lowest rates, ensuring your business is protected and saving you money.

Services Include:

Risk Management Services – Contract Review – Certificates – Policy Packages

Types of Real Estate We Insure Include:

Commercial Real Estate – Condominium Associations – Apartment Complexes – Townhouse Developments