Tech Insurance

In order to develop and be successful in today’s cut throat environment, you need much more than the right product or service. You have to operate quickly and efficiently, that means operating securely and with the proper insurance. Harm to your employees or to the public, including auto accidents, product-related damages, fires, floods, and other losses can have the tragic result of instant expenses affecting your bottom line. But they also implicate unseen costs such as lost productivity, reputational risk and wasted market opportunities. At Kirkwood Insurance we understand the unique risks that place technology firms at risk. Cyber security is a huge exposure in today’s rapidly evolving technology environment and Kirkwood Insurance can help you mitigate this risk and leave you with peace of mind.

All things considered, you need to know your insurance needs are in the hands of people you can trust. Kirkwood Insurance covers tech companies all over the country, providing expert knowledge to help you prevent loses and world class customer service to help you when you need it.

Our Technology programs provide the absolute best coverage at the lowest rates, ensuring your business is protected and saving you money.

Services Include:

Risk Management Services – Contract Review – Certificates – Policy Packages

Types of Businesses We Insure Include:

IT Professionals – Medical Technology Companies – Telecommunications Companies – Web Designers – Network Professionals – Game Developers – App Developers – Computer Repair & Installation – Electronics Manufacturing Companies