Garage & Auto Repair Shops

We offer broad insurance coverage for your Garage/Auto Repair Shop. We can design your coverage to meet your specific needs all in one highly comprehensive product at an affordable price. As small business owners ourselves, we know how important it is to control costs. At Kirkwood Insurance we can provide you the protection you need to protect you against fire, vandalism, lawsuits and other risks, while keeping you in business and your costs down.

All things considered, you need to know your insurance needs are in the hands of people you can trust. Kirkwood Insurance covers garages and auto repair shops all over the country, providing expert knowledge to help you prevent loses and world class customer service to help you when you need it.

Our Garages & Auto Repair Shop programs provide the absolute best coverage at the lowest rates, ensuring your business is protected and saving you money.

Services Include:

Risk Management Services – Contract Review – Certificates – Policy Packages – Liability Coverage – Buildings and Business Personal Property Coverage – Business Income & Extra Expense

Liability Coverage: Insures you against lawsuits resulting from bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and advertising injury.  This coverage also protects you while you are operating your customers’ vehicles

Business Income & Extra Expense: This coverage provides you with the funds you need to continue operating after an insured loss.  We insure your net income and normal operating expenses, including payroll.

Buildings & Business Personal Property Coverage: Includes all your equipment, permanently installed machinery, tanks, piping and fuel.