If you are a contractor, obtaining proper insurance coverage is not the only step you need to take to protect your business. There are important steps contractors can take to help ensure their businesses are properly protected.


Any contractors, who hire subcontractors are vulnerable to lawsuits from subs for claims of an unsafe workplace. As a contractor you need to know that if a sub you have hired fails to maintain adequate insurance, their actions on the job site (as well as injuries to their employees) can become your responsibility.


Obtaining a written, signed contract prior to hiring a sub for a job is essential to protecting your business. A contract can help contractors avoid lawsuits and speed up the claims process.  So when you are hired to do a job, and/or you subcontract your work to others it is vital to have a signed contract in place. This one simple step will better protect your business and assets, in the event that a loss does occur.


If you are considering hiring a sub or taking a job please contact us at Kirkwood Insurance so we can ensure you have a firm contract in place to protect your business.