Cyber Security

With the latest news of the Heartbleed virus, the time to get the right protection for your business is more critical than ever.  Everyone is a target to hackers, even small and medium businesses.  In the event of a cyber-attack, the costs of mitigating the damage and regulatory compliance can really add up.  Not to mention, you’ll need to repair your reputation.

If you’re a technology professional, not only could you be the victim of an attack but your clients may as well.  Whether you are a data host, IT professional, information technology pro, or web designer you have exposure should one of your clients get hacked.  Even if you are not at fault, defending a lawsuit can be very costly.

Our insurance technology packages include all the coverage you need to protect your business both in the event of a cyber-breach, errors and omissions claim, or even a malicious lawsuit from an unhappy customer.