If you’re moving, it’s very important you choose a reputable mover who’s not only good at their job, but also has the proper insurance to protect you and your belongings.

It’s always a good idea to request a certificate of insurance. There are standard insurance policies every mover should carry.

The key insurance coverages you want to see are for any moving company are auto liability, cargo coverage, and workers compensation.  Auto liability works the same as in personal auto, it provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage.  So if they accidentally back into your garage door, they’ll be coverage for that.  Workers compensation provides coverage for injured workers and is required by most States.  So it’s a good sign that the company is legitimate.

A mover’s cargo policy provide coverage for your furniture and household goods while in transit.  However, it’s highly recommended that you make sure your homeowners policy covers your goods while moving as well.  This is because a moving company’s cargo policy typically only provides coverage at 60 cents per pound.  Some movers do offer higher limits, and “full coverage” options, but having your homeowners as a backup is always a good idea.

Finally, you may live in an apartment building that requires your mover to carry general liability or possibly an umbrella policy.  Check with your landlord to find out before hiring a mover.