We are dedicated to providing solutions and services that are constantly evolving with the transportation industry.  Our coverage solutions are tailor-made for a wide range of businesses operating in transportation, cargo and storage related services.  We can also issue insurance to meet the needs of higher limits and specific commodities.

Kirkwood Insurance provides the industry expertise you need to reduce your costs and protect your business.  We have extensive knowledge in contracts and bills of lading providing you with specialized service and fast response times in the event of claim.

Be aware of exposures other than direct damage to your cargo.  Errors and Omissions insurance or Freight Forwarders Liability is critical to protecting your assets and keeping your business running.  If anything should go wrong with a delivery or complicated shipment, your client may turn around and sue you.  This makes E&O coverage so important to keeping your company running.

Our knowledgeable staff will inform you of the regulations continually changing in the industry.  You need to stay ahead in order to be in compliance.   We can also provide BMC-84 bonds.  New regulations stipulate the BMC-84 is in the amount of $75,000.

Types of Companies We Cover Include:

Freight Forwarders – Freight Brokers – Transportation – Truckers – Movers – Storage – Cargo Handlers – Customs Brokers