Consider Wedding Insurance to Protect Your Big Day from the Unpredictable


Let’s face it, as fun and exciting as planning your wedding can be, leading up to the big day can also bring lots of unwanted stress and anxiety. With so many people involved and different components to keep track of, there is always a risk of something going wrong before you even get to the knot tying. Take Lauren Roberts and Tom Cusack for example. Tom and Lauren had everything in place for their big day and signed a contract that took care of all necessary aspects of their wedding such as décor, music, and food. However out of nowhere, the venue that they spent over $15,000 on had been shut down. The couple lost their deposit and had to find a new venue last minute.


Fortunately, there are methods you can take to prevent an outcome like Lauren and Tom’s. Purchasing wedding insurance is a great way to avoid financial disaster. This smart course of action can keep your wedding and your wallet safe from unexpected factors like illness or bad weather.


With wedding insurance, you don’t have to worry about losing money as a result of last minute cancellations or shut downs. Wedding insurance policies will provide you with compensation for practically every possible disaster that may be thrown your way. Common mishaps include, lost deposits, wedding dress repairs, damage to wedding gifts, call to military duty, horrible weather conditions, and missing rings and damaged photographs. Wedding insurance is an easy way to protect your big day and can range from as low as $200 to over $1000 depending on the size of the wedding.


With such an easy way to protect your wedding its surprising that only a small amount of weddings in the US each year are insured for the many possible disasters that can put a damper on the big day. While the majority of wedding insurance policies purchased each year and the largest percentage of claims are solely vender-related, there are numbers of other types of debacles you may face. No wedding is invincible and too often couples believe that nothing can go wrong until something actually does.


Don’t take a chance with the most important day of your life. Wedding insurance is a great way to ease that pre-wedding stress and safeguard your big day from disaster. Contact us to learn more information about how you can protect your wedding.