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We have the insurance knowledge and risk management expertise to provide our wholesalers and distributors with the guidance and tools they need to ensure they are adequately insured while simultaneously reducing costs.

Just as manufacturers trust the expertise of their wholesalers and distributors, our clients rely on us as trusted advisers to manage their risk, reduce costs, and ultimately save them money.

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Our comprehensive wholesaler and distributor insurance program is tailored specifically to address the insurance needs of each client. We’ll analyze every aspect of your operation to determine gaps in coverage and also where you may be over paying.

We go beyond the basic insurance coverages to examine specific exposures to wholesalers and distributor such as supply chain disruption, dependent location coverage, and cyber risk.

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Important Wholesaler & Distributor Insurance Questions


  • Does your current program cover loss of income if one of your manufacturers suffers a fire and you lose sales as a result?
  • Can you afford downtime should local utilities shut down and you have a week without power?
  • Do your contracts with your manufacturers indemnify you for product liability claims?
  • Does your current policy cover expenses in the event of a product recall?
  • Are your contracts with any subcontractors written in your favor?

Wholesaler & Distributor Insurance Policies Include

  • Workers Compensation
  • Cyber Liability
  • Business Income
  • Property
  • Supply Chain Insurance