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Cargo Insurance Coverages

Inland Marine Cargo

Ocean Marine Cargo

Warehouse Legal Liability

Contingent Cargo

Carrier Liability

Errors & Omissions

Property Insurance & More

Program Highlights

Coverage for New FDA Regulations

Loss of Income & Operating Expenses

Worldwide Coverage

Coverage for loss of market value

All Modes of Transportation – land, water and air

Cover Direct Damage for Owners & Shippers

All in one insurance policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Kirkwood over other brokers?

Decades of experience and unparalleled expertise has established Kirkwood as the premier broker for complex industries.  As such, Kirkwood has access to exclusive programs not accessible to other brokerages.

Our cargo insurance program provides vastly GREATER COVERAGE than any other cargo policy available today.   Some of these new exclusive cargo coverages include Loss of Income due to property damage, diminution of value, and liquidated damages for delay.

What types of businesses do you insure?

Our cargo insurance program covers the entire supply chain, including: Freight Brokers, Freight Forwarders, Logistics Providers, Shippers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Warehouse Operators, Motor Carriers, Air Carriers, Ocean Carriers, etc…


What factors are involved in calculating my cargo insurance rate?

There are many factors involved in determining the rate of cargo insurance.  Geographic location and radius of operation is at the top of that list.  Other factors include the type of cargo, average value of each shipment, annual transportation revenues, mode of transportation, and type of valuation.

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Complete Insurance Programs

Freight Brokers Insurance Program

Freight Forwarders Insurance Program

Logistics Insurance Program

Trucking Insurance Program

Shippers Insurance Program

Distributor Insurance Program

Installation & Rigging Insurance Program

Additional Highlights

Property while on land, over water, or in the air

Coverage for Broken Seals

Direct Damage Coverage for Freight Brokers

Trailer Interchange Coverage Built-In

Government & Civil Authority

Cover Direct Damage for Owners & Shippers

Claims for Breach of Contract

Transportation Insurance Definitions

  • Cargo Insurance covers property while in transit
  • Contingent Cargo insurance coverage provides additional limits when the underlying cargo limits are not sufficient.  It usually applied to a freight forwarder when the motor carrier’s cargo limits are either insufficient or fail to provide coverage.
  • Freight Broker Liability this often refers to contingent cargo coverage, but can also refer to contingent auto or professional liability.
  • BMC-91 is the auto filing required by the FMCSA for motor carriers and freight forwarders.  In most cases, the FMCSA requires motor carriers and freight carriers to carry auto liability limits of $1 million.  Non-asset operating freight forwarders can get this requirement waived
  • BMC-34 is the cargo filing required for household goods movers and forwarders.  Household goods carriers are required to carry cargo insurance minimums of $5,000 per vehicle.
  • Warehouse Legal Liability covers property while in storage that the warehouseman is legally liable for.
  • Contingent Auto insurance provides additional limits over the motor carrier’s trucking policy.  This coverage is very important of freight forwarders, brokers and shippers, as they are often dragged into lawsuits.
  • BMC-84 is a bond filing required for freight brokers by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).  The FMCSA currently requires freight brokers to carry a $75,000 bond.  A more costly alternative to the BMC-84 is the setting up a trust account called the BMC-85.  This option is less appealing however since it requires collateral.
  • MCS-90 is the filing required for motor carriers.  The motor carrier’s trucking liability policy makes this filing.